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Exterior of Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap at Yates Corner




Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap is a neighborhood gem, located central to Old Town and Del Ray. Lena's provides a comfortable and inviting modern space with warm wood, exposed brick, and rich red accents throughout on the interior, as well as a cozy patio with a fire pit.


Lena’s menu features Neapolitan-style pizzas straight from our custom built Marra Forni wood-burning oven. The dough is made using the finest double zero flour and pure spring water; the toppings are the finest available anywhere.

Other amazing mouthwatering Italian specialties and salads also have a home on our menu. Food that is just like your grandmother’s cooking…if your grandmother is from Napoli!

We also have a wide selection of the best craft beers available, with a heavy emphasis on offerings from local breweries.

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The Story of Lena Yates

With the constant upheaval of military life, my mom, Lena, knew the importance of giving her family the love and stability they needed through the comfort of food. She understood that the same traditions that have been passed down for generations in Italian families like hers, would nurture and strengthen her young family. To her, it was not just a meal, it was an event to look forward to and a time for the family to come together. We would talk about the day, laugh and share stories all while enjoying a home-cooked meal she had lovingly prepared.


Our home was always filled with the wonderful aroma of simmering tomatoes and garlic. It greeted you at the front door and wrapped itself around you, the fragrance of warmth and comfort and love.


The inspiration for Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap comes from my mom and we created the restaurant to provide a gathering place for families and friends to escape their hectic daily routines, relax and commune in an environment reminiscent of the family table that meant so much to my mom, dad and brothers. Our hope is that everyone who dines at the restaurant will feel like an honored guest in the Yates’ home, enjoying the same warm welcome and enticing offerings one might have enjoyed at Lena’s table.




- Jason Yates, Owner, Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap

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